With over 220 employees and serving the Aerospace industry for over 72 years. Cascade continues its legacy of the highest quality standards and on time delivery.
We are destined for greatness!!

A Message From the President

“We provide the Right Product of the Right Quality at the Right Price at the Right Time.”

This message is from our founder Franklin M. Terry. He believed it to be the cornerstone of Cascade Gasket. Though he is no longer with us, he would be proud of our team and never would have imagined our growth. At Cascade Gasket, we feel it important that we share common work values. Foremost is mutual respect for one another. We expect our team to take pride in their work and respond to our customers and suppliers with the highest integrity.

A Message From the CEO

A family owned company since 1946, we at Cascade Gasket pride ourselves on our on-time delivery and quality. Through collaboration and teamwork between the talented men and women who comprise the Cascade team, we are known for our ability to fabricate and expedite complex parts. By practicing lean manufacturing principals, and continually improving our processes, we provide better value to our customers.

To maintain our excellent record of quality and on-time delivery, Cascade is investing in infrastructure to expand our capacity, increase our production capabilities and to support increases in rate.

Being a respected member of the aerospace community, we believe that our partner’s success is also our own. Cascade’s customers appreciate our responsiveness and agility, most so when in critical need. We have forged great alliances with the aerospace companies we partner with, and look forward to fostering additional alliances in the future.