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Compression Molded Rubber Seal Assembly for the Aerospace Industry

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Rubber Seal Assembly

This featured compression molded rubber seal was made using a grey rubber (BMS 1-57) compound and a corolon fabric. Because the fabric has a denser weave, it serves to increase durability.

The rubber and corolon were first hand formed in the mold, then placed in the press at 230 degrees Fahrenheit (F) for 10 to 15 minutes to assume the proper shape and continuity. After the newly formed seal was removed from the mold and cleaned, it was set to post cure at 300 degrees F.

During curing, the foam inserts and end plug (BMS 1-68) were formed by curing the liquid into pre-designed molds, and applying pressure and low-heat until complete. After curing, the seal’s holes and overall length were cut, and then it was assembled with the foam inserts and end plug, which serve to increase the product’s lifespan, fit, and performance.

The completed seal assembly was designed to be applied in several places on a commercial aircraft, where it was mounted to metal bulkheads, to enable the sealing of metal parts.


Product DescriptionThe seal assembly is used in several places on the aircraft where it’s mounted to the metal bulkheads and provides a sealing application for the metal parts, when closing.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesRubber Compression Molding
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 11" -14", Width: .5" - 7"
Material UsedSeal:
BMS 1-57 Rubber
Corolon Fabric
End Plug:
BMS 1-68
FeaturesSpecifically Manufactured for Increased Durability
Denser Weave
Foam Inserts & End Plug Increase Product Life
Typical OperationsCompression Molding:
Completely Hand Formed and Laid Into Mold
Mold is placed Under Pressure and 230˚
Placed in Oven and Heated to 300˚F for 3 Hours
This Process Sets the Shape and Cures the Rubber
Molding of Foam Inserts & End Plug:
Curing of the Liquid Product within Pre Determined Mold
Set Under Pressure with Low Heat
Cutting of Holes & Overall Length
Assembled w/Foam Insert and End Plug
Industry for UseAerospace
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Engineered Print
Product NameSeal Assembly
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